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Tate Place History

Tate family at the original Tate home.  

In 1890, John W Tate moved his wife, Caroline, and family, from Mississippi to De Leon, Texas.  Here he purchased 1060 acres.  One of his daughters, Etta, married James Boliver Gray in 1903.  They lived and worked the homestead until their deaths.  Much of the land was sold off.  The Grays kept 160 acres which stayed in family. It is this land we utilize today.  Our house was built by my great uncle, Tommie Gray, in about 1938.   My folks started fixing the place up in 2003.  We have gradually worked on it over the years.

John W. and Caroline Tate.  Buried in De Leon Cemetery.




Our Story

Living the Dream

I grew up on a farm in Dalhart, Texas.  I was taught many things about crops, animals and hard work.  I loved farm life.

Valerie grew up in 18 different large cities.  She didn't know much about farm life.

Valerie and I met in college (West Texas State) and married in 1979.  Upon graduation we started our family.  We had several careers and many moves.  We were very blessed, but I always had a passion to "get back to the farm".

In 2021 we were finally able to wrap up our prior business and move to the farm full time.  We are working harder than ever, but loving every minute of it.

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